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Eazy Testing helps communities to reopen safely through Fast, Accurate and Consistent testing.

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Covid Care Services

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Rapid Antigen Testing

Rapid Antigen Testing

Verbal results are typically provided within 15-20 minutes from the time you are tested. Emailed results will typically be sent in 1-3 hours from the time you are tested. These tests detect specific proteins — known as antigens — on the surface of the virus and can identify people who are at the peak of infection, when virus levels in the body are likely to be high. Testing is recommended 4-5 days after exposure or if you are symptomatic. The accuracy of our antigen tests are above 90% when tested in the recommended window.

Rapid Antibody Testing

When someone is infected with a virus, the body reacts by producing antibodies (cells that fight illness). Antibody tests, also known as serology tests, look at a patient’s blood to see if antibodies can be found. Our tests are currently able to detect whether antibodies are present in your blood. This means that you have developed immunity to the virus. A drop of blood is needed for this test from the patients index finger and run on a cartridge. The accuracy of our antibody tests listed by the manufacturer to detect antibodies is 98.7%.

Rapid Antibody Testing
PCR Testing

PCR Testing

The COVID-19 virus test is also known as “swab testing.” This is the diagnostic test to determine if you currently have COVID-19. The test is done with a swab that takes a sample of mucous from the oral, nasal, or nasopharyngeal passage. RT-PCR is currently recognized as the “Gold Standard” in COVID testing in that it is the most sensitive and specific. In layman’s terms it is the most accurate! Accuracy of our PCR testing is 97-99%. Due to high demand results will be emailed within 48-72 hours from the time you were tested.

Concierge Service

For convenience and coordination, our services include coming to you for testing and taking samples. We offer direct testing services to your home, event, business, or office. We will assign a dedicated associate to you to coordinate and facilitate all aspects of testing. Get peace of mind at your next event with on-site testing and excellent service. Ask about our wedding specials! Your safety is our priority.

Concierge Testing
B12 Vitamin Shot

B12 Shots

B12 is an important water soluble vitamin with a long list of benefits. While vitamin B12 is found naturally in a healthy diet, factors like stress and poor eating habits can lead to a deficiency. It has a key role in the normal functioning of our neurological system and helps in the formation of healthy red blood cells. B12 provides a boost of energy, improves sleep, increases concentration, and can help with weight loss.
1mL – $40 | 2mL – $60

NAAT Testing

ID NOW™ is a rapid, instrument-based, isothermal system for the qualitative detection of infectious diseases. Our unique ID NOW™ isothermal nucleic acid amplification technology provides molecular results in just minutes, allowing you to make effective clinical decisions sooner.

Offered in SoCal only

"Online scheduling, super quick and convenient. They also answer information text which is helpful."
"This was an excellent experience with Eazy Testing. Got my results in a timely manner. I consider them to be extremely professional for how the testing was conducted."
"This place is great. Friendly staff and easy accommodations. We took the whole family, kids too. Highly recommend."
"Did my Corona Swab testing here today. They keep the place very clean and accessible. Friendly customer service and an emphasis on "easy." Highly recommend."
"I received rapid testing from them and it was carried out to the specifications I was told by phone. Brittney is very polite, this facility adheres to all covid guidelines and is kept clean and organized. "
"This is a very convenient way to get tested. No appointments required, walk ins are accepted and the swabbing happens quickly. I recommend Eazy Testing for anyone looking for a fast test on the go."

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Frequently asked questions

Still have questions? We are here to help, call us at (310) 955-4202, email us at, or use the live chat below.

Rapid antigen and rapid antibody test results will be delivered on site within 15 minutes of actual testing if you remain on the premises. Emailed results will be sent within 1-4 hours from the time you tested.


PCR test results will be emailed within 12-36 hours from the time you tested.

Eazy Testing does not contract with any insurance providers. However, we do provide an insurance reimbursement form upon request. We do not guarantee reimbursement but historically most insurance companies reimburse anywhere between 30-100% of the testing costs. To obtain your reimbursement form, simply reply to your email with results requesting the form or email requesting the insurance reimbursement form.

45 days from the day you were tested. Most insurance companies provide leeway here and are allowing submissions for up to 90 days.

  • 87426 for Rapid Antigen
  • 87635 for PCR
  • 164068 for Antibody blood draw

Most airlines, states, and foreign countries recognize RT-PCR as the gold standard and permit the use of the printed result. Antigen testing is recognized by some airlines as well. Please check with the airline prior to testing to ensure allowance prior to travel. 

At this time Hawaii’s travel restriction requires all tests to be administered by specific providers. Please do not purchase a test from Eazy Testing for travel to Hawaii until Eazy Testing is added to Hawaii’s Testing Partners list. If you would like to see Eazy Testing added to Hawaii’s partners list, please email Lt. Gov. Green at Thank you!