Frequently asked questions

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Yes all tests administered by Eazy Testing are Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). This authority allows FDA to help strengthen the nation’s public health protections against chemical and biological threats by facilitating the availability and use of medical countermeasures (MCM’s) needed during public health emergencies.

Rapid antigen and rapid antibody test results will be delivered on site within 15 minutes of actual testing if you remain on the premises. Emailed results will be sent within 1-4 hours from the time you tested.


PCR test results will be emailed within 12-36 hours from the time you tested.

Eazy Testing does not contract with any insurance providers. However, we do provide an insurance reimbursement form upon request. We do not guarantee reimbursement but historically most insurance companies reimburse anywhere between 30-100% of the testing costs. To obtain your reimbursement form, simply reply to your email with results requesting the form or email requesting the insurance reimbursement form.

45 days from the day you were tested. Most insurance companies provide leeway here and are allowing submissions for up to 90 days.

  • 87426 for Rapid Antigen
  • 87635 for PCR
  • 164068 for Antibody blood draw

Most airlines, states, and foreign countries recognize RT-PCR as the gold standard and permit the use of the printed result. Antigen testing is recognized by some airlines as well. Please check with the airline prior to testing to ensure allowance prior to travel. 

At this time Hawaii’s travel restriction requires all tests be administered by specific providers. Please do not purchase a test from Eazy Testing for travel to Hawaii until Eazy Testing is added to Hawaii’s Testing Partners list. If you would like to see Eazy Testing added to Hawaii’s partners list, please email Lt. Gov. Green at Thank you!